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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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night in sports and jimmy donovan is on the field of progressive to tell us what is happening and give us a preview. hey, jimmy. >> hello russ and sara. you said it's about seven degrees where you are and it feels about 200 degrees inside this ballpark because this ballpark is tight there is a lot of pressure in both dugouts as they get set for game seven this is epic. three-three and the indians cannot worry about what they once had a three-one lead and how it has melted away in chicago in game 5 inning game six in a blowout here last night. all focus has to go on tonight. the cubs bats came alive last night the indians have an answer for that. they have's -- a pitching staff rested in the bullpen is ready so the indians get one more crack to win the world series and to do it at home there in the driver seat if they play well.
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be easy and they were lined up. they had a monster pitching staff and it's -- it can be a fun one. they have done a great job playing with their backs against the wall. >> we want to win is much for the fans as we do for ourselves. we owe it to the city and each one of these guys in here to leave it all out there. >>reporter: listen, they feel good and this guy is the reason. anytime they ask him to give him a big game -- to give them a big game corey does it and does it again this is the third time he's faced the cubs in this series and the second time he does it on short rest. only three days. will the cubs catch up to him? here he is on the start tonight. >> it's been a blast that we really enjoyed ourselves and were not treating it more than each game is another game
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ahead. there is value to taking that approach throughout the course of the season too. >> if we only had jim tell me back in the lineup. instead he will drop the first pitch is the big slug or just passed by and he's got a statue in front of progressive field and he will throw out the ceremonial first pitch i remember well when he hit a big home run in game world series against the braves to send the indians to atlanta for game six. he was some kind of hitter and some great cleveland indians player. there it is that is the set up. three-three type. winner takes it all. loser gets a pat on the back but it's an empty feeling because both clubs came in thinking they were going to get it done the cubs because of their youth and talent and
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their pitching and that's how you boiled this one down tonight. back over to the harry buffalo where russ and sarah are. when i was walking over to the ballpark i could feel that the crowd was very, very tight. they were tight and festive last night thinking this was a foregone conclusion but not tonight. coming in here it is all business. >>reporter: coming also over here. there are people who have been here for several hours getting so we say happy. >> they are working on their nerves tonight. thanks, jimmy >> let's take a look at the field at progressive there will be celebrities in the stands. we will tell you about them and just a bit. one in particular getting a lot of attention. >> the wild thing charlie's -- charlie sheen sitting behind the dugout. social media exploding after he sent out this tweet. fear not cleveland my bag is packed and help is on the way. and there it is right there.
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when he touched down at the airport. >> the calvary have arrived. >> yes i brought this guy. so the cubs are in serious trouble. i think what is supposed to happen is going to happen just because. >>reporter: how important was it for you to be here tonight? >> enough to deal with all yes. >> what about wild thing can give to the tribe tonight?act like it's game seven. yes. i mean embrace all of those childhood fantasies and walkoff moments you had as a child and bring them to tonight.
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charlie sheen in the house tonight. giving them here to cleveland was an easy. >> it took a number of people to do that. andrew joins us with that story. hello, and do. >>reporter: it took three businessmen, won a restaurant or another t-shirt maker and another one a music promoter to see the possible come together and make it happen. >>reporter: at townhall today major league was on tv, while owner bobby george and tony from fresh brewed waited for his plane to land. >> for more than 25 years he is symbolized what it means to beat the odds as ricky wild thing gone. >> ? ? wild thing, you make my heart sing ? ? >>reporter: the reason why fans have been calling for an appearance all throughout the series. >> we've been talking about it for three weeks and they did
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did it. >> if this is what excites the fans, why not? >> it's something we will remember the rest of my life. >> he said he would be willing to throw the first pitch but when he wasn't called he tweeted this hinting at a curse on the tribe to favor the cubs. thanks to these three men he's had a change of heart tweeting this today. >>reporter: charlie sheen will not be throwing out the first pitch. he is staying in cleveland for two nights possibly stopping at the farley house, so the cat is out of the bag. he is here and there is a lot of excitement over that. >> charlotte -- charlie sheen stopping by a bar. investigative reporter andrew horansky.
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many that sara shookman had to move her plane because there is no place else for these airplanes to park. >> they are out of parking. 160 private and charter planes parked over there and more over at hopkins. how is the flying weather? or the gametime weather, that's what we are concerned about. let's send it to betsy. >> we're talking record temperatures across ohio. mother nature doing her part and temperatures are toasty and northern ohio. 72 in downtown cleveland. the warm spot 77 in dover the wind is blowing out and that will likely have another impact on the game as we go through the night. that is expected to be rather consistent. the radar now is clear and northern ohio but out to the west we are keeping an eye on rain showers. that is my job here tonight. i'm going to once again to
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on this and hopefully give us a dry game all the way through. it looks like we will have to hopefully dodge a few raindrops , meaning that those raindrops will not be here at about 11:00 p.m. you can see the temperatures dipping back into the low 60s. rain showers expected to be scattered and we're not expecting a big wide path of rain cutting through northern ohio. better chances fhe hours. we will hour by hour and we will look after the world series and we will send back to you for now. betsy asked you at home to please share your thoughts. what would you tell the team if you had the chance to pump them up and she got some great responses. one teacher tweeted this. it said focus on today.
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the least. >> we are going to be watching the game along with fans all across the region including westlake. local bars and restaurants might be a little quiet but tonight they were expecting some historic crowds. >> certainly. >> northeast ohio has experienced his fair share of stressful situation we have the cavs that took us to game seven. we have the republican national coen again game seven with the indians. >> in fact, did you know today is national stress awareness day. our senior health correspondent tells us what we might need to know to help any stress we are dealing with later. >> keep calm. deep breathing. it's going to be all right. >>reporter: grade it -- great advice from the director of heart failure after watching the
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[ cheering ] a grand slam. in the very 1st inning. >> i was having a heart temptations last night. >> of course i'm kidding but that game was stressful and now it is due or die. how do we handle it? >> if you have chest pains and difficulty breathing it's probably time to stop. >> some of the stress is part of the fun, isn't it? if we weren't stressed we would not -- we would not be having fun. >> add to may be problematic. visualizing your hopes can help you find a happy place. both histories have broken heart syndrome. it feels like a heart attack but is it. >> you have chest pain and sweating and you have to go to the er and your blood enzymes go up in your ekg changes in heart sometimes becomes very weak but after a while it recovers. >> our history may have given us hardier hurts. >> i've never heard this
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you are ready to go. >> after we win we will get a good night sleep and relax and life will be good. >> monica robbins, channel three news. >> it's tighter down here tonight that we have experienced , wouldn't you say? >> i think everyone is feeling the stress and knows everything is on the line but it does not mean the celebration won't be just as sweet. >> that it's true. >> we have to change directions. a lot more news to talk about. coming up te accused of killing two officers ambush style has been arrested. how authorities were able to track him down. let's take a look at what is coming up on nbc nightly
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine.
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and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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developing tonight, and i walked community morning. two officers were killed in an ambush while shooting there this morning. >>reporter: justin martin and tony were killed while sitting in their patrol cars a few miles apart this happened just outside des moines. scott michael greene was found on a rural road after flagging someone down. police have not released a motive for the shooting. back here at home $1 million of cocaine is off the
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police. >> meaning abraham has the story on how the suspect led the police. >>reporter: we are here at old main street on akron southside and right behind me is where things get interesting for police. was a suspect they were chasing after who had won last desperate attempt to escape. >> nothing i have ever seen in my career. it was unreal, i guess. >>reporter: officer paul hill was one of the officers involved in the chase. authorities were monitoring -- monitoring the work -- the area for drug activity. they realized they were in for chase in a got the attention of this young boy who says he witnessed what happened next. >> i saw carrack and he was like hit it, he hit the car and he started running and then he like jumped over a bridge.
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>>reporter: the 30-foot jump may have been because the suspect was hiding more than 11 kilograms of cocaine and a loaded gun in his vehicle, a bus and it's 20,000 doses of cocaine of the street and worse -- worth $1 million. >> it is an ongoing investigation and an investigation that could lead to bigger busts in the future. reporting from akron. >>ck and games at 6:17. 74 degrees? >> hard to believe. >> november 2nd and betsy has been keeping an eye on everything from the field. she is working double tonight. hey, betsy. >> i'm keeping an eye on things for major league baseball and is going to be an interesting evening of being in two places at one time that we think we
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i think we are good to go. temperatures right around 70 degrees. clouds are here and they are probably here to stay winds out of the southwest blowing out and the flags are calm and they're just flying there that they will pick up as we go through the night. 72 in downtown cleveland. we mentioned earlier winds out of the southwest and they remain on the light side but it factors into the baseball game because out. radar is clear and that's good news. more rain showers out to the west. we have a cold front in the morning and that will drive rain showers into northern ohio through the overnight. the timing is everything. once again we are going to be up against it. here is your hour by hour forecast it p.m. temperatures in the 60s and the clouds holding tight. by midnight now you start to see the rain chances get close. keep in mind we have millions
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dollars and thousands and thousands and thousands of people who are a part of this game and anytime you put rain that could be factored into the game within 60 miles things get a little dicey. that's where i will be coming in major league baseball later tonight. the rain chances really go up after midnight and you can see how the rain moves right on through as we go into the early morning a wet morning commute tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and staying in the 50s as we head through thte with just a few showers and by the time we get to the end of the day you can see how things progressed nicely. we will dry out. as part of the forecast goes,. 50 in the afternoon and rain showers back off and becoming more scattered. partly cloudy 54 and friday and look at that weekend, sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. we will hold in the 60s as we get into the start of next
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sunday we fall back one hour. we will be back with more from
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and now the toyota of
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>> hi, everyone. game seven approaches. baseball players are all about routines. you want to do the same thing you do every day. although it is difficult when you are facing the game, the seventh game of the world series. the cubs are taking batting practice. the indians are finished and getting ready for the start of tonight's huge ball game. they are comfortable because they are at home and they are good at home. five-two in the post se the two losses are against the cubs and they lost two in a row at home and both to the cubs but being at home and playing in the world series is for them a dream come true. >> game seven, we were excited. every kid dreams of playing games seven in the world series. it's going to be a good game. we have to play it hard be
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the indians, third time against the cubs. kyle hendrix for the cubs. second time against the indians. he got a no decision and the first game. now let's take a look at what is going on for clube her. he has been the mainstay all year long has been sensational he has been sensational against the club -- cubs and he is going to try and get three starts in the world -- in the world series and when all of in the indians feel when they give the call -- the ball to corey kluber they win too. >> who else do you want. that is our guy. that is our bona fides. you ask everybody out here you are going to get the same answer. >> we have a lot of confidence going with corey cooper's. he has been solid all year -- with corey kluber.
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for the cubs. very smart and savvy. tremendous ear rape. the leader in the nra -- er eight -- and this is the first time on the road and it's light -- "lights out" it wrigley field. >> he is good. he's dominated all year but we are confident group and we will execute we have a plan and we know what we want to do. we are going to go out there and lay it on good luck message from the man, lebron james, he tweets this out this morning. game seven, two greatest words in sports. live in the moment and the game will play itself out hashtag # rally together. that is great in fights, indians. game seven tonight move. eight minutes. first pitch at 8:00 and here we
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sports a game seven for a championship and that's what happens right inside this magnificent ballpark tonight. back over to the harry the flow which i heard is a pretty terrific place itself that's where russ and sarah are expect it is not bad at all but you have the best seat in the house, my friend. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> thanks, jimmy. >> that will wrap it up for here right now. what a magical night. we're back tonight at 7:00.
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tonight, the war, six days left, trump and clinton, blitzing battlegrounds, our new battleground map, can trump break through the clinton firewall? tonight president obama's sharp criticism of his own fbi director. deadly police officers executed, shot while defenseless, sitting in their squad cars, a massive man huntd to catch a cold-blooded killer. does a youtube video offer a clue to the motive. price shock. life-saving drugs, first it was epipens, now outrage over insulin. millions depend on it. why is it getting so much harder to afford? and game seven for all the marbles


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